Buzz about Charles Lollar for MD Governor?

Charles Lollar is the chairman of the Republican Party’s Charles County Central Committee in Maryland. Businessman, major in the Marine Reserve (served in Kosovo), involved in the Tea Party movement: he’s not yet declared for next year’s gubernatorial race, but his name keeps coming up in local discussions. There’s also now a Draft Charles Lollar site. Generally, this guy sounds like he’d be at least a candidate for consideration. Embarrassingly, while I live in Maryland myself I am not as checked out on local politics as I should be (an error that I’m in the middle of rectifying), so that’s about all I know on the subject. Local readers are welcome to fill in the gaps of my ignorance.

On this, at least.

Moe Lane

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  • Mike. says:

    If you haven’t heard Charles Lollar speak to a large crowd or even in a small group setting, you have to go watch the phenominon in person. He energizes a crowd when he speaks regarding his vision for the state of Maryland. He has the leadership fortitude to make his vision a reality and right the MD ship of state. The comment I’ve heard more than any other comment when speaking and discussing the subject of Charles Lollar – is “He’s the Redal Deal.” He is not in politics to be about Charles Lollar – he’s about improving democracy for the sake of our state and country as a whole. Lollar is a rising star in the political world. He has the experience necessary to manage the state of Maryland and more importantly, he cares about the state of Maryland and the residents who live here.

    I could write a book – so I’ll stop here. Thank you for posting this blog both here and at

  • Jim says:

    Charles will be the next Governor of Maryland.

  • Jim B says:

    My wife and I just saw him speak at the Westminster TEA Party in front of a crowd of about 300 people, and he was great. We both agreed that he has the “it” factor to win. He’s very charismatic, and he spoke powerfully about the universal appeal of conservative values.

    If you want to get a flavor of what he said, check out the YouTube video posted on I dropped a note there to let him know that my wife and I would be willing to help with his campaign: that’s how highly we thought of his speech.

  • Carol Benke says:

    I am from Calvert County and I plan to go hear Charles speak on Tues. Night, 9/08/09 at Jerry’s on rt. 4. I attended Steny’s TH and the people I went with think he should run against Steny. We need to get Steny out or he will replace Pelosi in the next election.

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