Joe Biden, International Gun-Runner.

(I turned this into a caption contest, over at RedState.)

Yes, I know: as Lord of War kept pointing out, the top five arms dealers in the world all have permanent seats on the UN Security Council. And I don’t mind selling arms to the Lebanese government, assuming that they don’t end up firing them off at Israel and/or Turkey. I don’t even mind doing so as part of, as Andrew Malcolm rather sardonically notes, a rather heavy-handed hint that it might be best if the freely-expressed electoral will of the Lebanese people freely expresses itself as not liking Hezbollah quite so much this time around. But…

Did you have to send Biden, Mr. President? I mean, there were high explosives around; don’t you think that was a little, you know, unsafe?

Moe Lane

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  • daveinboca says:

    I guess Joe had to “redact” his statement that the Hezbollah had been “kicked out of Lebanon” and wanted to soothe his own bruised ego and deflect criticisms of his stupidity by bringing a “housewarming” gift, or in this case, a kiss on the hem of its robe to Hezbollah, his “evicted” meeter and greeter in Beirut.

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