It’s like they *want* him to fail.

President Obama, that is.  Via Holy Coast:

Several dozen professors had called upon the first African-American president to forgo a Memorial Day tradition of laying a wreath at a monument to Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery, the grand hillside preserve across the Potomac River from the Capitol on the onetime estate of Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Instead, the White House sent wreathes to both the Confederate memorial at Arlington and to the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington’s historically black U Street neighborhood north of the Capitol.

Presidents traditionally visit Arlington to personally leave a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns, bearing the remains of unidentified U.S. military members who died at war. And President Barack Obama did that today, during his first Memorial Day ceremony as president. They have aides deliver wreaths to other memorials – including, today, at the mast of the USS Maine and at the Spanish American War Memorial.

Included in the ranks of said protesters is our old friend Bill Ayers, would-be mass murderer and domestic terrorist. While I’m sure that the President is grateful that he’s decided to come down on the other side of this, one wonders what personality flaws are present in Ayer’s colleagues, that they would be happy to count him as one.

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