Today’s vicious time-suck should have been brought to you by the The New Ledger.

[UPDATE] Finally.

…except that I’ve yet to see a link to “The Cryptic Canvas: 50 Movies Hidden In a Painting” pop up on their site. Given that I was sent the link by their Editor-in-Chief, I’m disappointed: it’s good blog-fodder, and the Maw of Content is never filled.

I got to 15/50 pretty quickly, but I’ve probably gotten all of the low-hanging fruit at this point.  Or else I’m not as checked out on either modern movies, or pattern recognition, as I flatter myself being.  Probably the latter: I may be the only person in North America who would have gone to see Lost in Translation if Bill Murray had only had a proton pack*.

Moe Lane

*Yes, I’m sure that it’s a perfectly lovely genre film.  But if it isn’t going to have explosions, Hellmouths, extensive CGI, starships, and/or gun fu**… well, I’m afraid that my taste for something that outre is somewhat limited.

**God. Imagine all of that at once.

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