The Three Wolf Moon Shirt Meme hits mainstream.

From the ABC report:
Interviewer: “And what does it say to you, when you see this design now?”
T-Shirt maker: [pauses, looks at t-shirt machine, looks back] “Money.”

According to ABC News (Via Hot Air Headlines), I* apparently helped participate in an Internet meme by bringing up the Three Wolf Moon shirt earlier. Which is not all that important, except for this bit:

The Three Wolf Moon shirt isn’t new –- it’s been on sale for a couple of years. But since the viral thread took off this month, sales went through the roof. It’s currently selling more than a hundred an hour, and it’s the #1 seller in Amazon’s apparel line.

Really. 100/hour?

Feel free to let me have a piece of that action, then. I’m not proud.

Moe Lane

PS: Tell all your friends.

*No, of course ABC News didn’t mention me or the site.


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