“Poker Face.” [UPDATED]

So, I see this American Power link as part of R.S. McCain’s Rule 5 thing, and I ask myself: who the heck is Lady GaGa, and why was she posing almost nude for Rolling Stone?

Poker Face, Lady GaGa

Having watched the video: she’s actually not bad at all, but the woman’s hair stylist should be taken out and beaten with sticks.

[UPDATE] Jules Crittenden weighs in with his endorsement of Rolling Stone‘s endorsement of Small Wars Journal being ‘hot,’ too.  This is starting to be a rather weird year.

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  • Dave C says:

    Yay! one more pop tart to sing over produced bangers so DJs everywhere can play the shit out them..

    and when she starts to fade, one more chance for her to flash her twat to the paparazzi to be in the headlines again.

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