Passage of the Day: Animal Rights Zealot edition.

I’ve only ever had one proper screaming argument with an animal rights activist. That was a great night. It was at a student party. She told me she believed animal lives to be worth just as much as human lives. I told her she was the most apathetically selfish person I’d ever met.

“Because if that place down the road was selling Kentucky Fried Person,” I explained, “I’d probably firebomb it. Not just sit here whingeing, with a spliff and a can of Skol.”

Hugo Rifkind, via Tim Worstall*, who is an old-school British blogger who is currently running for the EU Parliament for the UKIP, which is a party dedicated to getting the UK out of the EU Parliament, and indeed the EU, entirely.

This is not actually ironic, although others might find it slightly rude.
Moe Lane

*Via The Corner.

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