VP Cheney’s federalist approach to same-sex marriage.

It’s a crying shame that we have a President who isn’t as willing to be progressive on this issue as either Dick Cheney, or myself:

Essentially, he favors it, but he wants to let the states decide how to best approach the marriage issue. This is a perfectly acceptable strategy to me, as you all know: I just wish that it was acceptable to the White House. Or anything definitive on the issue, really.

Moe Lane

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  • Steve-O says:

    Though I’ve been in the Anything-But-Marriage camp since 1997, I’ve always appreciated your tone on this matter, Moe. You have never resorted to hysterics because you seem confident that your view will eventually prevail. Demonizing “the other side” only makes them dig in their heels. You get it.

    Some proponents of gay marriage have compared Cheney’s position to the Dred Scott decision. This was on LGF, by the way. Not exactly a left-wing bastion. That’s not just disrespectful to opponents of gay marriage, it also implies that the issue will be resolved through a bloody Civil War.

    There is no economic incentive for states to oppose gay marriage. 19th century southern economies, OTOH, were structured to rely on slave labor.

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