Jon Corzine plays the Bush card. No, really.

It was apparently ‘George W Bush’ this and ‘George W Bush’ that in his acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination tonight (in other words, he’s repeating his strategy from 2005, and Menendez’s from 2006).   Which, as Jim Geraghty nicely (more nicely than he should have, maybe) notes, is interesting, given that Corzine currently polls below (36%) George W. Bush (41%).  Heck, right now he’s polling below Dick Cheney – so I suspect that this particular well might be drying out a bit*. Meanwhile, Chris Christie won on the GOP side, pretty conclusively: Steven Lonegan has already pledged his full support.

Mind you, everybody with a lick of political sense is waiting to see how the Democratic Party of New Jersey will invalidate their own (lackluster) primary results and replace Corzine with somebody guaranteed to not go down in flames.  After all, that’s what they did with Torricelli in 2002…

Moe Lane

*Yes, I know that Bush & Cheney probably both poll lower among NJ residents than among the population generally. I’m sure that this is a great comfort for some, goodness knows why.

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2 thoughts on “Jon Corzine plays the Bush card. No, really.”

  1. It is pretty sad when Corzine is hoping to one day (hopefully before November) have the popularity rating of Bush.

    But then again, Corzine has to run on something, and it surely won’t be his record!

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