Jeffrey Goldberg’s charming Naivete.

Reacting to this Don Belt fellow’s offhand comment about “…American Christians in sneakers and “I [heart] Israel” caps, clearly stoked for the battle of Armageddon,” in his offhand (and smugly self-congratulatory) article about Christians in the Middle East, Mr. Goldberg remarks:

Not all American Christians who love Israel love it because they dream of Armageddon. But to Mr. Belt, any Christian who expresses support for Israel is “clearly stoked” for the apocalypse. National Geographic is carefully-edited; how does a sentence like this one get through?

Because the editor found it utterly unexceptionable?  The uncontemplated (and largely unthinking) religious prejudice that Belt exhibits here is hardly uncommon, after all.

Among a certain type, that is.

Moe Lane

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