EU parliament poised to shift right, if not downright EU-skeptic.

This week’s dose of unintentional irony comes to us via Riehl World View. The context: the way that the EU parliamentary elections seemed poised to give more say to political parties that don’t like concept of the EU parliament all that much.

“It is a paradox, really. It shows how divided the center-left forces are at the moment. Normally sitting governments are punished at European elections,” said Jackie Davis, an analyst at the European Policy Centre in Brussels.

Funny: from all the way over here in the USA that’s what it looks like the European electorate is actually doing.

Moe Lane

PS: Go Tim Worstall.

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  • BigGator5 says:

    I have been following UK politics of late and the biggest anti-EU party there (the UKIP) is set to win big. I’ll tell you what, Europe is shifting right my friend. Soon the Left here are going to have second thoughts about wanting to be more like Europe.

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