Let us compare two commercials: GM’s, and its parody.

[UPDATE] Welcome, Instapundit readers.  Have you seen the new Rasmussen trust numbers yet?

This is the original:

…annnnnd (via Ace of Spades) this is the parody.

The parody’s better. Not to mention, considerably more honest.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know whether this site is Left-oriented or Right-oriented, but I’ll say this: whoever made it is not happy. And he or she is right to be not happy.

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15 thoughts on “Let us compare two commercials: GM’s, and its parody.”

  1. I’m sure it’s a lefty site, given that the parody whines the company will be chasing profits.

  2. When even whiney anti-corporate profit-hating lefties realize that government control and subsidization of GM is wrong, wrong, wrong…

    …there might be hope for this country after all.

  3. I think this is a company finally getting even for 50 years of unfunded mandates and “help” from Uncle Sam. There is no way this company can comply with all the laws, rules, and suggestions handed down from E.P.A., O.S.H.A., D.O.T., Congress, and everyone else who thinks they know how to build a car, and pay for health benefits for so many people.
    I think the execs at GM finally found a way to get reimbursed for all the help they have received that drove them under.
    This sounds like the last gasp of a dying goose that used to lay the golden egg.

  4. I would like to see one of those “literal-video” versions of the commercial. Hockey players on the ice, we will build a house, look at this big iron fist.

  5. why don’t they invent a car that runs on nicotine and hot air? They could offer it’s fuel estimates, which, if anywhere close to the wh gdp/unemployment projections, will overstate the car’s fuel economy by twice as much.

    they could call it, “The Obama”.

    you’d have to be a sucker to believe that the first concept car that gm starts running is NOT going to be inextricably tied to symbolizing obama, himself.

    you’d also be an even bigger sucker if you believe the car gm produces doesn’t suck more than an inter…nevermind.

    still, might compete with histories other famouse models-
    edsel, pinto, yugo…obama.

  6. Did you see the flag at 0:29. It’s in tatters, split between at least 3 of the stripes.

    I can’t believe that’s the way they chose to show their patriotism in this commercial.

  7. Anyone else see the big fist and think of the “Anal Intruder” from Top Secret?

  8. So Finally where has the conclusion come to? GM is bankrupt, We are bankrupt and the average man is going nowhere in this struggle, I ask you guys today What did we gain out of this?

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