With a day to go in the Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial Primary…

the carpetbagger from New York and the brother of the anti-Semite are falling behind the guy who keeps hitting people with his car. PPP’s poll is especially good news for the Guy With The Car’s campaign, but it’ll probably still be a nail-biter for the Other side tomorrow.  Unless another six polls come out that confirm PPP’s, of course.  Or turnout exceeds the five percent estimated for tomorrow’s primary.

Jim Geraghty (who originally provided a version of the above snark, by the way) has more; he thinks that the Guy With The Car can give GOP candidate Bob McDonnell a good run for his money.  He certainly doesn’t think that the Brother To The Anti-Semite is going to pull this one off (and that’s a shame, particularly if said Anti-Semite gets indicted this summer).  Guess we’ll see…

Moe Lane

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