I’m glad that you found that funny, Letterman.

As I promised here, I watched this throughout (via Michelle Malkin), and I’ve decided that I don’t believe you.  It’s because of the constant mugging for the camera, the frequent pausing for laugh lines, the phony forgetting of the husband and child’s name, the neglecting to mention that the first joke you recited – the one where you called a 14 year old a prostitute – was made the day after you called her mother a slut and cracked a joke about the 14 year old getting raped.  And there wasn’t even a “sorry that you were offended” – which is the standard fake-apology that your type usually resorts to when someone complains.  Instead, we got a “This is what I do.”

Yes.  I suppose that it is.

Moe Lane

PS: The hate apologetics that I’ve been getting from this episode have been fascinating: by all means, I invite people wanting to excuse this behavior to keep them coming..  So far I’m pretty sure that I’ve identified at least one impending divorce and two wrecked relationships from the subtext.

PPS: Dan Riehl has some more thoughts on the subject.

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