This Rifftrax contest is harder than it looks.


CONTEST: Movie Genre Switcheroo

THE CHALLENGE: Make an existing comedy into a drama, or vice-versa.

DETAILS: Pick an actual movie, from any era. Re-pitch it as a comedy if it’s considered a drama, OR if you’ve chosen a drama, re-pitch it as a comedy. Stick as closely as possible to the actual characters and plot of the real movie, but completely change the tone…. and do it in 150 words maximum (down below in comments).

I didn’t expect it to, but it’s exercising portions of my brain that haven’t had that much of a workout lately. I’m trying to put something together involving either I Am Legend or Brain Donors, but nothing’s gelling yet.

Must ponder.

Moe Lane


  • Loren Heal says:

    Yah. It’s easy to /parody/ I Am Legend, or recast I Am Legend as a parody of the Heston classic on which it’s based, but that’s not the task at hand.

    An easier play is taking a summer-camp-nerd-loses-virginity comedy someplace very dark. (“No, don’t open the outhouse door!”)

  • Cameron says:

    This would be a good entry…

  • matt says:

    I’m going to enter the gritty crime drama “It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.”

  • Neil Stevens says:

    Home Alone, the tale of a neglected child desperately panicking as some hardened, ruthless criminals attack his home.

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