A graphic demonstration of the perils of a one-party state.

Elections have consequences.

A failed state.

While its electoral history allows it some pretense to claiming a democratic system of government, its current one-party regime has resulted in crumbling infrastructures and drastic budget shortfalls. Its supposedly high-minded ruling caste keeps getting embroiled in scandal after scandal, ranging from ordinary corruption to substance abuse; their highest figures are especially notorious about violating their own (loudly-proclaimed) religious principles when it suits them. When faced with an increasingly-popular and populist movement drawing on a glorious revolutionary past, the regime seems alternatively derisive and frightened – but cannot seem to find an answer past the standard nonsense that everything is all right, despite the evidence of one’s eyes. And ruling above all is an already deeply unpopular leader whose own lackeys privately worry about how he can win a legitimate election.

All in all, the Massachusetts Democratic Party has seen better days.

Welcome to the joys of a one-party state.  It’s been a problem on the federal level for some time (All data via here):

  • Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D- MA): 40 years in Congress.
  • Senator John F. Kerry (D- MA): 25 years in Congress.
  • Representative John W. Olver (D – 01) : 18 years in Congress.
  • Representative Richard E. Neal (D – 02) : 21 years in Congress.
  • Representative James P. McGovern (D – 03): 13 years in Congress.
  • Representative Barney Frank (D – 04) : 29 years in Congress.
  • Representative Niki Tsongas (D – 05) : 2 years in Congress (replaced Democrat with 18 years in Congress).
  • Representative John Tierney (D – 06) : 13 years in Congress.
  • Representative Edward J. Markey (D – 07) : 33 years in Congress.
  • Representative Michael Capuano (D – 08) : 11 years in Congress.
  • Representative Stephen Lynch (D – 09) : 8 years in Congress (Replaced Democrat with 28 years in Congress).
  • Representative Bill Delahunt (D – 10): 13 years in Congress.

…yes, that list really does show that there hasn’t been a non-Democratic party Congressman* from Massachusetts for over a decade.  The state legislature’s even more dominated: the Democrats have had control of it for half a century – and frankly, it shows.  All of this used to be counterbalanced – sort of – by Massachusetts tend to elect Republican governors, but right now they have a liberal Democrat in office – and again: frankly, it shows.  From the above article:

Senate President Therese Murray said lawmakers were close to moving on several pieces of legislation but added that little could be done to prevent the type of corruption [former House Speaker Salvatore F.] DiMasi and [Senator Dianne] Wilkerson[**] are accused of. “It has always been against the law to use your office to line your pockets,” she said. “It’s just like dealing drugs. Everyone knows it’s against the law but they still deal drugs. Everyone knows it’s against the law to take money, but we’ve got two members – one from the House and one from the Senate – accused of doing that.”

Of course, what Senate President Murray avoided saying is that none of this would matter – as much – if times were good.  Generally speaking, the population will tolerate a certain amount of corruption in government if services are maintained and the populace isn’t suffering because of it.  Unfortunately for everybody, times aren’t good right now – and Massachusetts is facing an ongoing budgetary crisis of alarming proportions.  And the Democratic solution – tax hikes and relying on the government to keep bailing out them with ‘stimulus’ money – won’t work forever.  It’s an open question whether it’ll work for right now.

At this point somebody will undoubtedly point out that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has largely brought this down upon themselves, thanks to their bad habit of electing too many Democrats.  This is true: they have, and until they stop electing too many Democrats, their problems will not abate.  But we can still use Massachusetts as the classic Bad Example:  this is what happens when you’re electing too many Democrats.

So don’t do that.

Moe Lane

*It’s also an impressively old, white male line up for a party that’s supposedly progressive-friendly, but that’s a different issue.

**The woman who got photoed literally stuffing bribe money down her bra.

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