‘Secrets of the Blog-Fu Temple Cult.’

Somewhat ironically, given this passage from this The Other McCain article:

Wise men may observe that sensei Moe Lane has never published a book called Secrets of the Blog-Fu Temple Cult. Nor will he ever, not even posthumously. Hell’s bells, if I had an infallible formula for political success (please note the hypothetical), I’d be afraid even to write it on a cocktail napkin, for fear it might accidentally be published and deprive me of future opportunities for free lunches.

…but I actually am putting together some thoughts on the topic of the practical aspects of blogging: I’ve been doing it since 2003 or thereabouts, after all (mostly on RedState, of course). I was planning to give a brief talk on the subject at August’s RS gathering, in fact – which I don’t think is too much of a security risk, given that you have to pay to get in.  That is, assuming that I can get the money together to go…

Hint, hint.

Moe Lane
PS:  If the talk works out, I may try to reprise it for RootsHQ.

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