In Iran, the Mob stirs in its sleep.

This is not the Mob in Iran, awakened.

You can tell by the fact that the policemen are still alive at the end of the video.

But the Mob could be starting to wake up. The murder of Neda is, as Time notes, a potential triggering event to an increasing cycle of death, mourning, repression, and more death; and that will wake the Mob. And when it does, neither the police nor the swaggering brownshirts supporting the Iranian regime will survive their next encounter. At which point the Iranian military – which can survive the Mob – will have to decide whether or not they want to shoot down a lot of people.

It is my sincere, honest, and earnest suggestion to the current rulers of Iran that they spare their country a lot of grief and anguish and simply quit power now. I expect that they won’t, but I could be wrong.

Moe Lane

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  • Steve says:

    You are Not Wrong.

    The Iranian mullahs care neither for their people nor for international perception. Diplomacy won’t affect them. They know the US won’t intervene militarily, and no one else combines “can” and “will”.

    This will end the same way all previous Iranian protests have ended. Some of the people have already died, more will die, others will “disappear”, and the survivors will attempt to resume their normal, non-rioting lives, if only to avoid the fate of the dead and disappeared.

    The only difference this time around is that the atrocities are getting out via YouTube and Twitter.

    But the end result will be the same. The mullahs calling the shots, and a puppet “President”.

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