‘Mind Flayers.’

‘Why did it have to be mind flayers?’ See also here, here, and here. On the other hand, it was always nice to see one in Nethack; once you killed it, eating it would raise your Intelligence score a point. Of course, hopefully you had on a helmet that would keep it from eating your brain down to Intelligence 3 first.

Why, yes, that link does lead to a download that will likewise eat your brain through the wonders of text-based nostalgia. You want that to happen again? No? Then hit the tip jar for the travel fund, and maybe it won’t.

Moo hoo bwah hah.


  • BigGator5 says:

    Meh, MUDs. I thought those things died out ten years ago?

  • Skip says:

    Ah, nethack. Off and on I’ve worked on porting the nethack source code to c#, so I could then port it to the xbox 360, but it’s such old, crufty c that it’s almost impossible to do so.

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