See, this is why I don’t mind funding the National Endowment of the Arts.

You can watch the video below only if you promise to read David Thompson’s post on it first.  It’s important that you do that: it’s not fair for me to reproduce it in full here, and it’s just too good to miss.

OK, you did that?  Excellent.  Here’s the video:

OK, see why I don’t mind funding the NEA?

Precisely: if we let somebody like Teixeira just wander around loose to try to find his own food, clothing and shelter, chances are excellent that when he finally autodarwinates* he’d accidentally take somebody with a net positive use to society with him.

So, it’s not so much a government subsidy as it is life insurance.

Moe Lane

*Thank you, Charlie Stross. But for the love of God, give up the grudge, OK? They’re out of office and it’s turning out that they got it right anyway. Drop the series as a bad job and just write the next Bob Howard novel.

…oh. Right. Should have checked first. Never mind…


  • Kevin says:

    I dunno…I kind of like the idea of President Rumsfeld, even if it requires lefty caricatures of W and Cheney. (He let that drop at Balticon a couple weeks ago.)

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I love Charlie Stross’s books to death – I just finished re-reading his first two Laundry books, and I’ll be grabbing Wireless when it comes out – but while I could tolerate the bashing when it was topical, it ain’t topical anymore.

  • TennDon says:

    Post-modernist pap…

    How long did this kook go to ”school” to learn how to produce such a masterpiece?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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