Yeah, yeah, yeah, and we had to whittle our own spears…

…and hunt down large, ill-tempered prehistoric badgers for our food. Then eat them, raw, because we hadn’t discovered fire yet. At least, that’s what I did: Rand Simberg was probably one of those early adopters of flame technology. He has the look…

What? Sorry, I was reacting to this story about a thirteen-year-old kid who carried around a Sony Walkman for a week, all anthropologist-like. His conclusion?  It’s a big, heavy, clumsy device that sucks up batteries like nobody’s business and eats tapes.  Here’s a quick news flash: we knew that at the time, too. That’s why people went out and invented the MP3 player in the first place: if the Sony Walkman hadn’t been ultimately a big pain in the neck, we wouldn’t have bothered. I mean, really… 1979 was the year that Alien and the first Star Trek movie came out. We had some idea that you could make the blessed things smaller.


Moe Lane

PS: No, I have no idea why this harmless and innocuous article got up my nose like that.  Maybe it’s because I never knew until now what the metal switch was for, either.

PPS: This thing with the metal switch may have been a common situation.


  • Josh says:

    I’m dreading the day my future kids look at an iPod in a museum and laugh at me for carrying a music player bigger than a quarter that didn’t send the music straight to my head telepathically.

  • Okay,
    I’d love to see this kid go VHS for a week (or heck even Beta max). He’d really wonder how we ever survived without all of the DVD extras and Easter eggs that get put on those things.

  • Flash says:

    I read this article when it came out yesterday. It might have been a better article had the kid actually written it.

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