A friendly suggestion to former McCain campaign staffers.

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

Background: Hot Air (Allahpundit), Hot Air (Ed Morrissey), The Weekly Standard, ConsiderThisNews (Pat Hynes), The Politico

Since everybody else is piling on, let me add my own comment to the fray.  If you were one of the people who participated in that Vanity Fair hit piece, and we find out your name, you will be a net drag on any national campaign for the rest of your professional career.  Not because you helped the Left go after Governor Palin, but because you are an untrustworthy sneak who is dedicated to propping up the elitist system in DC, not fixing it.   Any candidate that hires you will have to overcome the base’s natural reluctance to work with a campaign that would hire someone like you.  This can be done; but it’s much easier to hire people with your skill set and a name for basic party loyalty.

If you are a McCain staffer who did not talk to VF, I suggest that you find some way to demonstrate that you aren’t one of the people in the first paragraph.  Because until we know who talked, the default assumption is going to be that you may have talked.  This will not wreck your career, but it will blight it if the base has anything to say about it.  On the bright side, a simple and declarative denial will do; of course, if your denial is a lie and we catch you at it, brush up on your typing skills.

Moe Lane

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7 thoughts on “A friendly suggestion to former McCain campaign staffers.”

  1. If Palin really is vindictive the Republican party is in for a world of hurt, isn’t it?

    1. Only those parts of it that aren’t playing by the rules. That hockey mom bit isn’t a facade, but it *is* a tool.

  2. Yeah, you’re right. But if you’re one of those non-rules kind of people why keep this nonsense up and put yourself and you party through all of that? Especially when the only person you’re making look vindictive is you? Either these people are completely irrational or they’re searching for a new bandwagon to join. Either way one would be nuts to employ them. ‘Cause sooner or later you’ll be wearing their dagger in your back.

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