So, what did I miss?

Just kidding: I did a quick look-through on the news before I got around to cleaning out my submissions queue. Fascinating how many people think that the Internet needs… some stuff that you know is part of the spam-lover’s repertoire, so I don’t need to mention it. As to my reaction to Palin’s resignation? It’s interesting, but not as much as the 2010 House gestalt. Or the 2010 Senate one. Or NJ’s/Virginia’s gubernatorial elections this year. Although I suspect that a good number of people on the other side of the aisle would much rather that my opinion didn’t become predominant.

Then again, I have a nasty, suspicious mind.

Moe Lane

PS: Not really back; this is off of a third-party computer. But am back somewhere where there’s electricity and ice cream.


  • Brad S says:

    Moe Lane, you mean to tell me you don’t have anything more to add to Sarah’s announcement other than “it’s interesting?” You realize that Sarah, and her political benefactors (and it’s fairly obvious she has BIG benefactors), are embarking on what is one of the biggest political gambles in US History, right?

    2010 midterms are but a mere sideshow compared to this.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      “It’s interesting.” 🙂 I’ll have more of a reaction when I know how this announcement affects AL-02, or CT-SEN, or HI-01, to pick three 2010 races at random.

      And I can’t agree that the midterms are a sideshow. How they play out will dictate what kind of 2012 race we’ll have.

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