CNN gets flipped the blue crane.

(Via Instapundit) That being the national bird of South Africa, which is where I believe Ms. Nkepile Mabuse hails from. I mention this because she very enjoyably made American CNN talking head Don Lemon look like an idiot:

The deliberate mention of President Bush in a favorable context by Ms. Mabuse was probably just a with-malice-aforethought garnish to the main dish of don’t-condescend-about-us-Yank that she served to Lemon, but who cares? – Although I do wish that the more egregious Obama-boosters both in and out of the media would take care to control their enthusiasms in public. As you’ve just seen, it can make the rest of us look somewhat provincial to international eyes.

Moe Lane

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[UPDATE] Nah, that’s just the Orbital Mind Control Lasers, Tommy. Don’t worry about it.


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