Some quick Rasmussen polls.

Virginia Governor: McDonnell 44%, Deeds 41%.  Expect that one to be volatile.

New York Democratic Senate Primary: Maloney 33%, Gillibrand 27%.  Guess Paterson picked the wrong Representative to elevate to the Senate.  Speaking of which…

New York Democratic Governor Primary: Cuomo 61%, Paterson 27%.  Does anybody have any idea at all why Cuomo hasn’t just announced already?

Texas Republican Governor Primary: Perry 46%, Hutchison 36%.  That lead’s increased, but I believe that KBH is going to still run anyway.

And last, but not least: today is not the day that POTUS drops below 50% in Rasmussen’s daily poll.  He’s still holding out at 51%.

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  • Skip says:

    I’m not horribly excited about either candidate in Texas. On the whole, Perry’s a slight improvement over KBH, but in general the Texas Governor is fairly limited in power, so there’s a tradeoff here. If we pick KBH, that will get her out of the Senate, where she can do very real damage in great quantities, into a position with much less real power, at least two years earlier than it would have happened otherwise.

    Now, if KBH will go ahead and resign from the senate before the primary, that changes things. But I doubt that she’ll do so, especially with poll numbers like that.

  • Tom in Korea says:

    Does anybody have any idea at all why Cuomo hasn’t just announced already?

    Honestly, I figure he genuinely does not want the promotion (which seems impossible for any modern day politician) or there’s some sort of scandal that hasn’t emerged that he’s petrified will emerge if he runs (which seems more likely than an Attorney General that doesn’t want to be Governor). Maybe he was client #5 to Spitzer’s client #6.

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