Jule 20th, 1969. The Eagle has landed.

…no, wait, I already commemorated the launch and landing. So let’s segue instead to one of the legendary Apollo-related YouTube clips:

This would be the point when people posting this video are supposed to make the disclaimer that they don’t approve of this sort of behavior …except, really: there’s something deeply satisfying about watching Buzz Aldrin haul off and pop a Fake Moon Landing conspiracy nut in the nose. It’s probably also a lot more effective than the guys from Mythbusters going on the air tonight to explain yet again to the lunatics that yes, really, we went to the Moon.

Well, if the choice is between having them Expressing the Crazy and merely brooding about it, I vote for having them brood about it.  They’re unlikely to be violent about it when they snap.

Moe Lane


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