Rooting for injuries watch: Dan Rather vs. CBS.

Via JammieWearingFool comes news that Rather’s lawsuit has been rejuvenated:

The anchor’s $70 million lawsuit against his former employers got a new lease on life today when a Manhattan judge restored his previously dismissed fraud claim against the network.


The fraud charge contends the network’s trickery cost Rather millions by scapegoating him for a flawed report on President Bush’s Vietnam era military service, and then keeping him off the air – torpedoing the chance for a $4 million a year gig at CNN or another cable channel.

He now makes an average of $1.5 million a year at HDNet, the papers say.

I’d insert a pseudo-folksy quote here, but it’d sound just as forced and fake from me as it would from, say, Dan Rather; I will note that it’s amazing that anybody can expect Dan Rather to live on a mere 1.5 million a year. I mean, that’s probably mostly going towards legal fees.

With any luck.

Moe Lane

PS: For those who somehow missed it: this is all due to RatherGate, which was a situation where a national news organization got taken in by clumsy fakes and used them to push a story designed to take down a sitting President – only to have both the fakes and the reputations of everybody involved wrecked within 48 hours by a bunch of amateurs with the right skill sets*. That’s the Internet for you.

*And ever since people have been trying to either deny that the above was how it went down, or replicate it, with about the same level of success (i.e., none). That too, is the Internet for you.

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