Live-action Voltron.

But I need to make something clear. See this?

This is the Voltron we want, only not animated. We don’t want a new look, a new direction, or a post-modern ironic reexamination of the underlying meta-thematic narrative. We want giant goram flying lions that turn into a giant goram robot with a sword. So don’t get cute with this.


Moe Lane


  • Derek says:

    I dunno. Call me a heretic, but I preferred the vehicle Voltron. Maybe it’s just because the toys were more fun to play with than the five Lions that you could sort of pose awkwardly and had wobbly joints and, in the case of the red and green, detachable and easily lost heads.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      It was not my intent to make any disparaging comments about the vehicle Voltron, and I apologize for any inadvertent slur upon that show that I might have made.

  • Carolyn says:

    I’m totally with you on this, Moe.

    And I never noticed before – but the narrator’s voice in the intro sounds a lot like the guy who does the voice of Optimus Prime.

  • Jayson says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Please don’t “Michael Bay” this Voltron movie! :O

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