‘The Crow Paradox.’

Jake Tapper over on Twitter was raving about this “typically awesome Robert Krulwich story” (no embed, sorry) over on NPR, so I checked it out – and darned if it isn’t pretty awesome. It’s a nice little popularization of some research on why crows can recognize humans when humans can’t recognize crows – and before you ask what’s the point of research like that, I should note that there’s a bunch of roboticists out there who’d love to hear how the trick’s done, starting with my wife. Nice illustrations, in a non-glitzy sort of way.

There’s also this quiz on crow-identification, which is embarrassingly difficult.

Moe Lane

PS: And thank God, but the remake of The Birds
seems to have stalled. I mention this merely because I got there in my head after musing that the term for a group of crows was a murder.

Good short story, though.

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