So, about that Palin libel suit…

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Yeah, that was really dumb of that Left-blogger, huh? Spreads a malicious rumor (via a CNN Trig Truther with an extremely bad track record at accurately reporting on the former Governor) that the Palins are divorcing, gets debunked pretty much immediately*, has his real name and job (not to mention his habit of attacking children) tracked down and revealed, and faster than you can say “no ‘public figure’ defense” he’s being threatened with a libel suit.

All in all, I don’t think that this was the intended result.

Not being an attorney, I don’t know whether the public figure defense does or does not apply here; but if it does go to trial, this Gryphen fellow will almost certainly lose.  I am given to understand that judges tend not to be sympathetic to people who lose libel cases when it comes to determining who pays for court costs – but if the Online Left wants to keep subsidizing the Palins’ legal team’s administration of some long-overdue negative feedback to the misogynistic crew currently obsessing over that woman: well, I guess that it’s just going to happen, that’s all.

Karma.  It’s what’s for dinner.

Moe Lane

*This is apparently a real quote:

“Divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd? I may be just a renegade hockey mom, but I’m not blind!”

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14 thoughts on “So, about that Palin libel suit…”

  1. Being an attorney, I think the guy’s screwed.

    I would assume any court would consider Palin to be a public figure, despite resigning. The public figure defense is supposed to protect journalists when reporting on newsworthy persons. Whether she likes it or not, Palin is still newsworthy.

    However, the public figure defense isn’t absolute. While I’m not familiar with Alaska law, or the law where this guy lives (I don’t even know the state,) you can still libel a public figure if the plaintiffs (Palin in this case) can show that you had “actual malice” towards them. The definition of actual malice is going to vary state-to-state, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be hard to prove, considering this douchebag’s proclivity in putting his foot in his mouth.

  2. Hey, Moe, I got an exclusive quote for you:
    “Apparently, my ass. When I publish a quote from Sarah Palin, you can take that to the bank.”
    — Robert Stacy McCain, 11:51 a.m. ET, 8/3/09

    You know what Griffin’s worst mistake was, Moe? He ruined my weekend, pretending to scoop me on a Sarah Palin story, when my source could get me a flat-out denial quote directly from Sarah Palin.

    That is to say, Griffin insulted me. And you know how I am when I feel insulted. It’s one thing for Byron York to scoop me on an IG-Gate story. But if a pissant phony like Griffin thinks he’s going to ruin my weekend by posting something like that on a Saturday morning . . .

    All in all, Moe, I think Griffin is going to wish y’all had bought me a round-trip ticket to Atlanta this past weekend.

  3. Sarah Palin may be a public figure, but Todd Palin is not. And did this Griffin character not allege publicly that Todd Palin (as well as Sarah) had been unfaithful in his marriage? I don’t think that’s libel in se, but it’s certainly defamatory.

    If they’re going to start going after the families, then let the families take them to court over the defamation.

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