A gorgeous and apparently real photo.

Via @ewerickson:


That is a good photo.

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  • It is a beautiful photoshop, but alas, it is a photoshop. It appears to be a composite of several photos. If you look closely, some of the same balloons are both in the air AND filling up on the ground (most noticeably the Picardie balloon). Also if you look at the very bottom of the picture about 2/3 of the way over from the left, you’ll see the same navy blue balloon twice, yet they seem to have forgotten to finish photoshopping both balloons because they both have large chunks missing. Also, the sky and sunrise are not original to the picture (mismatched resolution, focal point, and even lens type).

    You’d have to ask a balloonist, but I suspect the reason you never see a real photo with this many balloons in such close proximity is because its probably not safe.

    But it is a very well done photoshop for the most part.

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