Getting in their faces: St. Louis.

I didn’t put up anything on the Gladney Incident (allegedly, a conservative activist at Russ Carnahan’s town hall / aging event was sent to the emergency room last night because of an attack by SEIU people) last night because it was at the time single-source. We have gotten another report in, though – and more importantly, what looks to be video from the scene:

…which may be from the incident itself. It’s confused and chaotic, but it’s what we have right now.

Moe Lane

PS: Don’t expect it to get less confused and chaotic, by the way. This is real life, not the movies: you have to be very, very lucky to get footage of a spontaneous incident from beginning to end. Getting more than half of it – which is what happened here, more or less – is merely very lucky. You can help with that by making sure that everybody has a camera, of course… which is why I keep harping on people to get them.

PPS: On the other hand, there was a reporter on the scene – who apparently got arrested, too.  When he gets out of jail, there may be some clarification of what went down, after all.


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