So, essentially, Dungeon Lords sucks…

…which would handily explain why I found the quote-unquote “Collector’s Edition” on the ten buck stack at Target.  Before you ask, it was right next to Sid Meier’s Pirates!, which was also ten bucks, so I assumed that it would at least be all right.  Nope: can’t save a game without it crashing and the 3D is wonky.

Anyway: good fantasy game?  I’m looking for cheap, good, and at least a couple of years old, and I already have Diablo II.


  • Jimmie says:

    If you don’t mind a lot of old school feel, I got a lot of play out of Eschalon: Book I.

    The demo gives you a pretty extensive chacne to kick the tires, too.

  • Skip says:

    Well, if you like the Diablo II gameplay (and who doesn’t?), there’s Titan Quest, which is very similar gameplay, except using ancient Greek Mythology as the setting. Lots of fun for a dungeon crawl. Came out, in, oh, 2006 I think?

    It plus the expansion are $20, but if you have a computer that will run the GameTap client I’d do it that way instead. Then it’s $10/month with access to about a thousand games, ranging from old console games emulated, from Atari 2600 on up through sega/nintendo stuff, to Windows games that are only a year or two old. The only caveat is that the client doesn’t run on 64 bit windows, so you have to have a slightly old technology computer to run it.

  • Dan B says:

    I always got a kick out of the Dungeon Keeper games…there is a lot of twisted humor in there.

  • Neil Stevens says:


    It’s the game that Diablo ripped off and simplified.

  • Skip says:

    Well if you’re going to suggest text-mode games, Dwarf Fortress is the bomb…

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