We’re not the ones sending out the blueshirts, *Nancy*.

(Via RS Diarist rechief) Turns out that the Drudge rumor was right: Pelosi & Hoyer really did write an op-ed with the title ‘Un-American’ attacks can’t derail health care debate. And it’s precisely what I expected, too.  Which is to say, an op-ed that can write this:

Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.

…without even a hint of a sign of a suggestion that the authors mean by that condemnation the physical violence done to conservatives by SEIU members (noted here and here).  Which is actually not surprising: they don’t.  It’s them that are doing it, so it’s by definition OK.   And if you don’t like that observation of mine, then the Democratic party’s leadership is perfectly welcome to prove me wrong by issuing a terse statement saying that they do not support SEIU’s violent tactics.  Until then, they can own the actions of their blueshirts.

So, we can safely ignore their claims for the higher moral ground as the utter nonsense that it is.  No, Pelosi and Hoyer are just incensed over the fact that people aren’t willing to blindly trust Congress with regard to a bill that nobody’s read, particularly after the way that rushing through the last must-pass bill that nobody read merely made matters worse. Worse, people are showing their displeasure in districts that are supposed to be solidly theirs. Even Hoyer isn’t personally immune to having a lot of old, angry people who vote showing up and sounding off.

In 2004 I voted for Steny Hoyer, actually: I figured that he was sound enough on foreign policy. Last time I voted anything except a party ticket, and given how personally embarrassing that vote turned out to be it’ll probably be the last time I do anything else except vote a straight party ticket for a while. Because voting Democratic in national elections gives people like this power.

So don’t.

Moe Lane

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