The spirit is willing, but the tech is weak.

Donations thus far have put me a good part of the way towards a video camera that will actually not give results like this:

…yeah, it was the RS Gathering that really nailed down for me the problems that I’m having with the current kit; from the laptop (recently acquired, tanjit) that doesn’t like wifi to the video camera that doesn’t like Vista (or most memory chips). Hence, the new Wish List (first noted here).

Moe Lane

PS: I’ve had it pointed out to me that I treat discussions like this as a favor to be asked, and not as a pitch for why you should make sure that I have the tools that I need for political blogging: so take a look at the above video to see why you should.  I’m in there swinging, but (to quote the classics) I’m using stone knives and bear skins.

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