This was originally a much nastier post (With crass entreaties included).

On a completely different subject; but then I realized that it was being colored by the fact that, generally speaking, a lot of people were out there this week maliciously lying about my current political party (and our political leanings in general).  Aside from everything else, it’s objectionable when that happens.  Which is what cheered me right up; because I imagine that there are millions of folks out there right now who are just as offended as I am, and at the same folks.

So now I’m as right as a trivet, and happy to face the weekend.

Moe Lane

PS: Hit the tip jar!  There’s a bunch of people out there who think that you’re a racist scumbag, and none of them want me to have better video editing software.

PPS: Yeah, I kept the crass entreaties.

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