Wow. Coraline was really good.

I didn’t have the 3-D glasses, so I watched it in 2-D – and I noticed some slowdowns in it from time to time, which I assume was where the 3-D originally was. Still: Coraline was excellent. Rent it, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Moe Lane

PS: I am starting to suspect that cats are Neil Gaiman’s spirit animals.

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  • re: Coraline (torrented it last night, very good copy) did anyone else (who might have played the game) pick up on the fact that the cat was a lot like the Cheshire cat in American McGee’s Alice, the same smooth, understated delivery, giving the girl very subtle, mysterious hints, even the same voice almost, and it’s physical appearance was very like as well (even the notched ear, although it lacked the Cheshire’s earring).

    yes, I was a first person shooter girl who kicked ass in Doom/Quake deathmatches in middle school.

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