Andrew McCarthy: I can’t spare this woman. She fights.

Ace over at AoSHQ wrote a reasonably comprehensive, well-worth-reading post about why he agreed with Andrew McCarthy disagreeing with the NRO editorial board over ex-Gov. Palin’s successful use of ‘death panel‘ rhetoric in shaping the debate.  I’m not going to try to reinvent the wheel; as I said, Ace’s post is well worth reading.  I’m just going to note that I’ve spent the last day or so trying to figure out a way to get Palin to favorably mention tort reform in her next Facebook note… and that it never even occurred to me to try to get the NRO editorial board on-message.

Not that it wouldn’t be great if they did, of course.  It’s just… well…

Moe Lane

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[UPDATE]: Language is a bit rough, but you’ll probably like the sentiments.


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  • Cold Warrior says:

    I share the views of Andrew McCarthy, Rush, Levin, Hannity, Bruce, et al. about the effectiveness of Sarah Palin on getting the “Death Panels” (which they are) excised from the “healthcare reform” bill in the Senate.

    I am also going to try to get in contact with her. Frankly, I have my fingers crossed that she’s already miles ahead of me, Erick, Michael Patrick Leahy, the folks and American Majority, etc., on the need for those conservatives inclined to want to “really do something” to come into the Party and change it from with by filling a slot as a precinct committeeman. I want to ask her to become a national spokesman on this. I envision her saying something along these lines every time she speaks: “You know, all you good conservatives out there, including you hockey and soccer mom’s, and dads, who really want to “do something” to preserve our way of life for our kids and grandchildren, who understand how fragile this last, best hope for man is, who understand Ronald Reagan’s comment that freedom and liberty is only one generation away from being lost, and that it’s not just passed on to our children through our genes, I need you. Your kids need you. Your country needs you. We need you to come into the Republican Party and help us elect new leadership and help the best conservative candidate win the primary elections. And you can only vote in those internal party elections if you’re a precinct committeeman. It only takes but a couple of hours of time a month, but you’ll make a huge impact on the direction our country is going in. And isn’t your country, and its future, worth that? Come on board with me — fifty per cent of the precinct committeeman slots nationwide are vacant. For crying out loud, our Party has been operating at half-strength! Please help me, and help yourself and your children’s future, by coming into the Party as a precinct committeeman.”

    It’s one thing for me to say it. It’s quite another for someone like Sarah to say it.

    So, if you happen to find a way to approach, please let me know. I think if we could Sarah to come on board with this, we’d have a huge surge in conservative participation in the PC ranks.

    Thanks for all you’re doing,


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    The BEST line of the post at Ace:

    I think a lot of GOP pundits overly share liberals’ fears that whole swaths of the conservative movement are corncob-smokin’ banjo-strokin’ cousin’-pokin’ inbred mutant redneck race warriors.


  • Kevin says:


    You damn right. The most important thing is to get that immature dolt out of the White House- but first, all those rabiblancos in Congress need to get the boot. Orale, ese!

  • eddiebear says:

    Thanks, Moe. I think I held back, actually.

  • FeFe says:

    So true about thinking up ways to get Palin to Facebook an issue and only giving NRO tab space in my browser on a link recommendation.

    One could hardly claim Palin is overexposed with her 2 posts on Obamacare. Unlike President Barack Hussein Obama II and his daily see the world for free in a taxpayer funded SUV carney show. Who would have thought teleprompter sensei don’t make profitable pitchmen?

    I must say, Palin’s directness along with the company she keeps, and represents wearing a Service Blue Star lapel pin, lends volumes to her credence. Unlike Obama pacing among the greenhouse plants with his jacket off and sleeves rolled up, sans mom jeans, mindful of the cue man off stage (behind the curtain?) reminding him to stretch his doublespeak.

    Dizzy yet? Nice to know Palin appreciates the Duke: “If you say three mister, you’ll never hear the man count ten.”

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