Obama Joker artist a Palestinian-American Kuchinich supporter.

Although he likes Republican ideals on domestic issues. Also note: he didn’t add the ‘socialism’ bit; that was whoever-it-was that sent the thing viral. Also: dislikes Obama, cool with socialism, and thinks that the original ‘Hope’ artist is two-faced.

Stories like this are why I love this country. We are simply too big and too majestic to be fettered by any requirement of a narrative that makes coherent sense.

Moe Lane

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  • Ed Driscoll says:

    Obama Joker Artist Unmasked…

    Mark Milian of the L.A. Times’ “Top of the Ticket” politics blog writes that The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist is a 20 year old college student from Obama’s home turf of Chicago:
    When cryptic posters portraying President …

  • […] Moe Lane digs the story for how convoluted it is, especially for that all important MSM […]

  • FeFe says:

    How can you have “Palestinian heritage” when there is no such country? Does he have Napoleon on a motorcycle, jihadi transport of choice, for nothing? Look at his other works of ‘art.’ Check out the Time cover: Nuclear Rogues and How To Control Them. Do you begin to see just why he put the Joker face on President Barack Hussein Obama II?

    However, this man does demonstrates just how divers America is. Can we stop importing whole muslim communities now? Minnesota…Somalia…jihad…

  • Kevin says:

    Hey, FeFe, I used to live next to a mess of Somalis in south Minneapolis. Like most other immigrants 90% of them were chill dudes who didn’t like socialism and were okay with you as long as you didn’t mess with their women. Took the local bangers about a week (and about a dozen dead) to figure that out, but after that the neighborhood was a lot quieter. Yes, some of them are jihadidiots, but the same goes for the Arabs around Detroit.

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