Will there be a public option sellout?

Verum Serum wants to know, “Will Obama Really Sellout Liberals and Drop the Public Option?Off-the-record pushback to the contrary, probably: when it’s been suddenly made clear that your job is to actually convince the American public that the current plan is better than no plan at all, no individual part of a plan is non-negotiable.  The real question is what progressives will do about said sellout.  I predict ‘nothing,’ past the usual whining.  They never do.

And I look forward to writing another post like this when we push the administration into endorsing meaningful tort reform.  Which, as I have noted earlier, is not negotiable.

Moe Lane

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  • sue misner says:

    Sent today to my Senators and Representatives,

    Dear Senator/Congressman,

    If you and President Obama abandon the public option in proposed health reform legislation, you will have lost your election coalition and my future votes. The “coop” option is too reminiscent of Bush’s Private Retirement Savings approach, which I did not support for what I feel are obvious reasons.

    As a nurse of thirty eight years, a mother of a veteran of the war in Iraq, and a consumer of health insurance myself, I know that insurance policies and options are already confusing enough to those lucky to be insured at all. I see coops as cow-towing to insurance providers and those more concerned with profits that with access to health care for the uninsured or currently underinsured, like me.

    I have reviewed the literature and the hype on insurance coops, and I conclude that this approach will not meet my health insurance needs as I approach senior years, nor will coops address the unmet health needs of the low-income persons that I have seen daily for the last three decades of my career as a health professional.

    Please fight to keep the public option, if you want to keep my vote and the votes of my colleagues.

    Susan J. Misner MS, RN

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