Movie of the Week: Call of Cthulhu.

It being Wednesday, we say goodbye to Coraline as Movie of the Week. A judicious amount of luck, patience, and willingness to give a new Amazon bookseller a shot allowed me to acquire Thomas Harlan’s Land of the Dead at enough of a discount for me to actually afford it, so we’ll celebrate the occasion by declaring The Call of Cthulhu to replace it.

Yeah, Harlan’s writing Mythos books. I’m also starting to suspect that so is Charlie Stross, with his Merchant Princes series.


  • jimf says:

    I bought this dvd a couple of years ago…very well done…the black and white was a great touch and the attempt to make old time special effects works well.

  • Kevin says:

    You’re a little off on the Stross Mythos books – those are the Bob Howard tales, which start with The Atrocity Archives, not the Merchant Princes series. “A Colder War” is also a Mythos tale, but not in the Bob Howard universe.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      No, there’s a passage in the last MP book-but-one (I think that’s the one) – where they’re going into how Clan members have been subject to genetic engineering; it gave me a Mythos vibe there for a second. Didn’t show up again in the latest book, though, so maybe I’m off base there. 🙂

  • jimf says:

    I will definitely buy their next production…they really did a fine job on an tiny budget.

  • Kevin says:

    Not so much genetic engineering as selective breeding to preserve the recessive gene that allows Clan members to world-walk. On the other hand, there is the business with the fertility clinic, but that still doesn’t really get into Mythos territory.

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