Carol Shea-Porter (D) has the political instincts of a tasered marmoset.

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So Rep. Shea-Porter wants proponents of health care rationing to try to convince the majority otherwise.  OK.  She wants them to go talk to the folks at the town halls, presumably because they’re the most engaged in the issue.  Also fine.  And – gasp! – she thinks that her side needs to soften their words!  Truly, the Democrats have reached a place where they can see a new, cleaner level of discourse in the distance.

And then she wrecks it.

“Find those tea-baggers who don’t like the idea of this and talk to them.”

Not to burst Rep. Shea-Porter’s balloon or anything, but the Tea Party people have long since been made aware of the obscenity that lurks behind that epithet.  And until the Other Side gets it through their head that we can actually tell when people are sneering at us, they might as well not try to hide the hate, if only for the sake of their blood pressure.

Moe Lane

PS: Go Frank Guinta.

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