I’m still trying to decide whether The Colony is worth checking out.

The latest in reality shows: The Colony: It’s Post-apocalyptic Virus House!

The premise: There’s been a massive plague that’s killed off most of the human population, and these ten survivors, all strangers, have to try to start rebuilding from scratch, using only what they know about the world and what they can find in the warehouse they’ve chosen as their home and the areas around it. There is very little to eat, the water has to be filtered because the main source is the poisonous and sludgy Los Angeles River, which is hardly even a river anymore, so much as it’s a chemical runoff ditch for the whole city.

The excerpts I’ve seen so far here and here are producing a fine level of scorn and derision from my wife the engineer; the bit about ‘controlled experiment’ alone was good for a three-minute rant. Also: biker gangs, and it’s apparently the aftermath of a biological outrbreak – but no zombies. Aside from the unwillingness to go Full Metal Gonzo with the premise, well, everything is better with zombies.

Moe Lane


  • -S- says:

    The first thing any survivor in the Los Angeles area needs to do inorder to continue surviving after any massive whatever is to walk out of the area.

    Get out, even if you have to walk for days to do so, just leave that area for somewhere, anywhere, more survivable. Take a boat, ride a balloon or bicycle (or horse, cow or donkey, pickup truck, car, skateboard, anything you can find that doesn’t belong to another survivor — not without their permission, anyway — and get out of the place.

  • -S- says:

    …because the premise that lone survivor gangs would loiter in the Los Angeles area is foolish in and of itself. They might be “forced” to remain due to needing to hunker-down or to protect the injured, but, the idea that at least some would stay there by choice is foolish, not at all believable. Certain conditions caused some of our ancestors (a very few) to walk out of Africa in order to survive, and, I think the rest of us today should heed their wisdom as to urban areas today (especially very large ones like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, etc.). Go wherever you can in order to survive without having too many others to compete with, is the idea.

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