24 thoughts on “‘Where’s the GOP’s Ted Kennedy?’”

  1. Actually, I hope that we don’t have one of those… professional politicians working against the people. Thanks anyway. We already have enough that seem to care only for their careers in politics.

  2. Don’t encourage them. Even though it will be a humongous disaster, and thus electoral suicide — it will still be BAD for the country. And when we take back Congress, we’d need enough votes to override The Won’s veto when we repeal it.

    A 54 vote swing in the Senate is NOT going to happen, nor a 224 vote swing in the House (and even that’s assuming all the new R’s would vote Right).

    So we need to stop it. Stop it cold. NOT encourage them to pass it.

  3. They made a mistake somewhere along the line and got thrown under the bus.

    Only democrats get away with everything.

    I’m not suggesting we change either… but maybe we should do a better job of shutting down their politicians when they screw up(to prevent them from growing too powerful by staying around forever)….

  4. “The Democrats have the votes to pass health care rationing.”

    Democrats are not worried about failure to pass ObamaCare. Nope, they’re terrified that they’ll SUCCEED in passing ObamaCare. They know each other only too well and realize they’re collectively stupid enough to actually spin the cylinder, stick the pistol to their temples, and pull the trigger.

  5. Ted was the pioneer in testing Feminist loyalty over principle and highlighting the movements forever hypocrisy all in slavery to liberal men. You see, Kopechne was the epitome of modern woman. Single, career oriented and activist all the way back in the summer of love when a drunk, domineering man of privilege left his pregnant wife to drink and mingle with other married men and unmarried woamn — co-opted a promising woman to come with him — why does a woman like her leave her keys and purse and say nothing to her friends to catch a ride to her hotel? Hmmm?

    Then the fat head says NOTHING for 12 or so hours or until his ass is busted. Then has his pregnant wife LIE and prance for the camera too so he can still be privileged and then the media lionizes this piece of crap and hounds poor Joan for having to stomach this? No tears for Mary Jo. No tears for Joan. No retro support from NOW against Ted for Mary Jo and Joan?

    No, verbal felicitating and funny, funny, HA, HA Chappaquiddick jokes!

    And feminists of the world mourn the shitbag?

  6. The Main Stream Media, hostile as ever to the GOP, would hound the Republican equivalent of Ted Kennedy out of office in a heart beat. Which is as it should be. Democrats, however, not so much.

  7. “PS: The Democrats have the votes to pass health care rationing. So get on with it.

    ah yeah,they have the votes and evil Jane Hamsher is pretending they don’t so the looser dem brand isn’t harmed.

    Rinse. Repeat.

    They do not have the votes. Hamsher is going crazy cuz she knows it.

  8. I don’t have much good to say about the Republicans, but at least they don’t have a Ted Kennedy.

  9. Why would the right need one? Does the GOP believe in aristocratic rule by the chosen elite over childish serfs that can not take care of themselves?

    (Other than on matters concerning sex, of course)

  10. Who’d Larry Craig kill, Fat Man?

    Also, last I checked Larry Craig’s scandal drove him out of office. No family “fixers” to make everything better. No TV appeal in a fake neck brace. No armtwisting a judge to make it all go away. No media forevermore waxing teary-eyed about “Larry keeping The Dream™ alive”.

    If you think the problem with Teddy Kennedy was limited to his stepping out on his wife… let’s just say you need to review.

  11. He died. The Republican’s “anti-matter” to Ted Kennedy’s “matter” was Jesse Helms.

    Not in terms of morals or lifestyle, (which is what all the commenters seem to be focusing on) but because Helms, like Kennedy, was ideologically fierce; brilliant at working the rules and processes of the Senate to advance his agenda; and considered to be the devil incarnate by people on the other side.

  12. Newt Gingrich left office (the Republican Ted Kennedy; white haired, overweight and couldn’t keep his pants up).

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