Keep watching the skies! …Err, local Missouri news.

(H/T: @cayankee): The title is “FBI launches inquiries into alleged public corruption in Missouri” – which is an odd definition of the word ‘alleged,’ given that three Democrats (two of them state officials) have already pled guilty to federal obstruction charges.  The FBI press release is quite fun, actually, given that it’s full of the sort of details you only get when somebody’s fully-cooperating-with-the-authorities, or when somebody’s phone’s been tapped.  Or both.  As Top of the Ticket noted, this could be an interesting autumn.

Along that line of thought… it’s certainly been a year for Democratic corruption at the state level, yes?  Blagojevich over in Illinois, half of the Bergen County Democratic Party in New Jersey, now what promises to be an extensive and loving look at Democratic state party shenanigans in Missouri… if this keeps up, people might start thinking that there’s, oh, a Culture of Corruption or something going on here.

Moe Lane

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