Boston Globe: Well, he ain’t getting any deader*.

So now’s a great time to bring up the Cape Wind wind farm project again (some background on the topic here). As near as I can tell, the Globe got this one in before the first spadeful of Virginia earth got put on former Senator Kennedy’s coffin:

The proposed offshore wind project has sustained more than seven years of heated debate; political maneuvering, including some by the late Senator Edward Kennedy, a project opponent; and environmental review. It now awaits a decision from the Department of the Interior — the last major regulatory hurdle its developers must clear for the project to move forward. As the country’s first proposed commercial offshore wind farm, and the only project of its kind this far along in the approval process, Cape Wind could open the door for developers to harness the vast wind energy resource along the nation’s eastern seaboard. The approval could make Massachusetts the trailblazer of a power source that is an essential part of the country’s strategy to address global warming and to achieve energy security.

(Via Newsbusters, via Instapundit**) That’s the thing about defending things until your dying breath: if you’re good enough at it, people eventually settle down to wait until you have one.

Moe Lane

*Classical reference.

**Glenn also has a great Greenpeace video ad from 2007 that should totally be reissued, if only because the image of Teddy Kennedy pushing inconvenient things back under the water to protect his privileged lifestyle is amazingly off the larger message.

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