Spitzer considering Senate run? …No, really?

(Via Hot Air) Did you miss Eliot Spitzer?  He misses you.


Admittedly, that might be only because he’s possibly aiming at Senator Gillibrand:

Disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been privately talking with friends about a possible comeback, and is considering a run for statewide office next year, several sources told The Post.

Less than 18 months after he left Albany in a prostitution scandal, Spitzer has held informal discussions in recent weeks about the possibility of making a bid for state comptroller or the US Senate seat currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand, sources said.

Read the whole thing, if only because the Post gets to refer to Spitzer as the ‘hooker-happy Democrat,’ which probably caused everyone involved in the article to pause for a moment and look upon that phrase with a happy little smile.  As to his chances… well, he’s anti-Wall Street, a particularly annoying sort of moralist, and not very nice, which would be positive traits to progressive Democrats; he’s got a history of at-best questionable treatment of women, which would be… not really a deal-breaker for progressive Democrats, apparently; and progressive Democrats don’t like Gillibrand.  So Spitzer might actually have a shot.

At the primary, at least.

Moe Lane

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