Well, it was supposed to be a quiet day, really.

I wanted to get some non-political stuff in; but when you have devastatingly bad polls for devastatingly bad pols, other devastatingly bad pols getting caught on camera demonstrating why they’re afraid of cameras, and people biting off fingers in support of the ‘public option’… well.  It’s going to be a surreal – and busy – political day.  And that’s not even including the White House 9/11 Troofer, Qaddafi wanting to abolish Switzerland, or the Congressman who ended an interview last year by threatening to throw the interviewer out a window.

So here’s the latest episode of the webcomic Shortpacked, where a discussion of whether Batman or Spider-Man had the worse rogue’s gallery ended in an inevitable fashion.

5 thoughts on “Well, it was supposed to be a quiet day, really.”

  1. You’ll get to blog all you want about pole dancing dolls, and Stargate until Jones resigns, which I will take the over/under at Saturday, 2PM.

  2. Moe
    I hope you meant MGD. And, if you did mean MGD, you ain’t from the South.
    Saturday 2PM. I vow no politics, or blogs, or Drudge; football rules. I may need whatever meds treat withdrawal.

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