I have anger in my heart towards the movie Beartooth.

Beartooth was a movie that my grandmother-in-law wanted to watch Saturday night. This was actually acceptable, as none of us had seen it and this was what was on the cover:


So. Snarling bears. Winter storms. A conflict. This sounded promising, or at least tolerable.

It was a lie. A cruel, cruel lie. Below the fold is a reconstruction of the greatest single conflict in the movie:


A badger attempted to steal the protagonist’s water bucket.

I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. The review for this monstrosity over at the site is as succinct and accurate (if, perhaps, not perfectly spelled) evisceration of this film as any that I have ever seen. Let me put it this way: I resented not being able to blog about this in real-time more than I resented not being able to blog about Van Jones.

It was that bad.


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