Massachusetts succession crisis!

Alarmingly, House Kennedy lacks a suitable heir to the vacant Senate seat!  The last real possibility declined to be elevated to the position:

BOSTON – Joseph P. Kennedy II’s decision not to seek the U.S. Senate seat long held by his late uncle, Edward M. Kennedy, has touched off a succession scramble.

(H/T: Hot Air) For those keeping track: this is the Kennedy that makes six figures running a nonprofit organization and who cozies up to Hugo Chavez.  He’s not the anti-science Kennedy with the crazy beliefs on autism; and he’s not the Kennedy with the drunk driving problem… to be more specific, he’s not the Kennedy currently in Congress with the drunk driving problem.  He’s not even the Kennedy that had the songSweet Caroline” written for her; which is a shame, because as near as I can tell that’s the most useful thing that any of the younger generations of Kennedy aristos have been associated with in my lifetime.

At any rate, the people of Massachusetts are giving serious consideration to having something called an ‘election’ for the Senate seat: no word yet whether the eventual winner will have to change his or her name to Kennedy afterward.

Moe Lane

PS: Today, John Kerry woke up, went to the bathroom mirror, and murmured “Senior Senator from Massachusetts” to his reflection.  This has become part of the little ritual of the morning for him, and helps counter the mental vertigo that comes from going through one’s days without never quite being certain what one should be doing next.

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